What is Allegro Smart? Does it pay to buy it?

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While shopping through Allegro, you've probably come across ads offering Allegro Smart shipping! The possibility of free delivery to InPost parcel machines or personal pickup points sounds tempting, to say the least. If this is the case, is this service worth getting interested in? Does Allegro Smart! pays off?

What Is Allegro Smart!

The Allegro Smart! was created specifically for people who frequently shop at Allegro and would like to save on delivery costs. By purchasing access to the Allegro Smart! service, the buyer will be able to take advantage of an unlimited number of free deliveries to pick-up points of his choice (RUCH kiosks, Polish Post offices, Orlen gas stations, Freshmarket and Żabka stores), InPost parcel machines, registered letters, and will be able to choose to have the parcel transported by courier. What's more, he will also gain the opportunity to return the goods free of charge back to the seller, as well as access to selected special offers - most often discounts on certain goods sold on Allegro. Choosing the Allegro Smart! service, the buyer thus receives:

  • unlimited free deliveries to the aforementioned pick-up points, InPost parcel machines and registered letters throughout the country;
  • access to special offers - These are so-called Smart! Bargains - which most often refer to the opportunity to purchase goods in advance or at a lower price. Interestingly, it's not uncommon for these discounts to be updated daily, so it's worth keeping a close eye on the products you choose and waiting for the promotion;
  • the opportunity to take advantage of free product returns - If the products were ordered with Allegro Smart! to a personal pick-up point or InPost parcel machine, you can return them to the seller free of charge. At the same time, parcels picked up at Allegro One Punkt or Allegro One Box can be returned only at these points, those picked up at Parcel Post only by Parcel Post, those picked up at pick-up points can be sent only at a Post Office facility, and those delivered by courier can be returned both at InPost Parcel Post and at a Post Office facility. However, free returns do not include registered letters;
  • customer service in the Buyer Protection Program - is a priority buyer service that ensures processing of sent requests within two days;
  • favorable payment options for purchases - In addition to the standard upfront payment option, which is free for every customer, a person using Allegro Smart! can also use the free split payment option for 3 repayments. In the case of payment on delivery, the buyer will pay only PLN 4.99 per shipment;
  • possibility to share the account with loved ones - As part of Allegro Family, you can share an account with the Allegro Smart service package! and at the same time not pay for shipments. This includes the benefits mentioned earlier, such as free returns of goods. Although you choose to share the service with your family, you still retain full privacy - this is due to the fact that each user has their own account, so they can only see their searches and purchase history.

How much does Allegro Smart cost!

How much you pay for the Smart! package depends on which service you subscribe to. This is because the service offers two basic options: payment by the month (with the possibility of monthly renewal of the package) and for the whole year. In the case of payment For one month you will pay PLN 10.99, while per year PLN 49 (i.e., PLN 4.08 per month).

The only condition for taking advantage of the Allegro Smart! package is to make a purchase (from one seller on this site) for a minimum of PLN 40. Only then will the free delivery option be activated.

Allegro Smart! free

The Allegro website often organizes regular discount campaigns, especially for people who have not yet used the Allegro Smart! service, but would like to try it out. If you're a new user - one who hasn't yet activated the Smart! package, but has your own account on the site - you can take advantage of the free package. It offers five free shipments in three months. After using them, you can decide to cancel the service or continue it, but already in a paid model.

What's more, you can take advantage of the free service if you have student status - you will then use the package Allegro Smart! Student, which offers free delivery for six months without plugging in your card. After the trial period, you decide whether you want to continue using the service. If you do, after positive verification of your student ID, you will pay only PLN 39 for a year (or PLN 3.25 per month).

Is it profitable for sellers to Allegro Smart!

The Allegro service has presented the results of a study showing that by activating the Smart! Profit of online stores increased by up to 70%. This is because the Smart! icon is displayed next to the listings, and some customers choose to search with filters that highlight only goods with this mark. If you are a seller and want to get started with Allegro Smart!, all you need to do is integrate your online store with the Allegro website. The shipping price will depend on the customer: if he has chosen Allegro pick-up points, Żabka, Orlen, RUCH kiosk, Allegro UPS Pickup at the Point or registered mail, you will send the parcel for free. In other cases, the cost of sending is from PLN 0.99 to PLN 7.48 gross.

How to activate the Smart! service?

Activating the Allegro Smart! service is really simple. All you have to do is search the Allegro website, log in to your account (or create one), and then choose one of two pricing options for the service. After selecting the subscription model, you will be safely redirected to the payment page. There you will need to indicate the type of payment - by bank transfer, card or BLIK, and then read the terms and conditions and accept them. After reviewing the formalities, you need to pay, and thus activate the Allegro Smart service!

Active use of the Smart package! has numerous advantages - from unlimited deliveries, to return options, to select promotions and an inexpensive annual subscription. If you're still wondering whether Allegro Smart! is worth it, take advantage of the five free shipments and decide if you want to continue your subscription.

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