Why give up coffee?

woman drinking coffee in coffeeshop

Although moderate coffee drinking has many benefits it does harm some of us. Coffee can increase the risk of stomach ulcers. Often drinking a cup of coffee goes hand in hand with the popular heartburn. Here are some examples of why quitting coffee may be a better option for us.

  1. You will limit calories - it is well known that a piece of cake or an addition in the form of sugar or a lot of milk goes best with a tasty coffee. Seemingly only coffee but it is accompanied by a large number of calories. Therefore, quitting this type of beverage will be a better, healthier option for us.
  2. Less stress hormones - due to caffeine in coffee, adrenaline and cortisol are secreted in our body, our heart speeds up and we become agitated. In addition, consuming a lot of caffeine leads to an increase in blood pressure and heart disorders.
  3. Better sleep - limiting caffeine affects sleep, we will fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and not wake up during the night. If someone has trouble sleeping then it is definitely worth weaning off caffeine.
  4. Healthy digestion - by consuming coffee we may complain of, heartburn, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Caffeine can often mess with our digestive systems, so if someone complains of frequent discomfort then it is worth thinking about giving up coffee.
  5. Whiter teeth - it has always been known that coffee is not conducive to our white smiles. To keep your teeth white longer, you should limit coffee.
  6. You'll forget about headaches - coffee contains flavonoids, which cause migraines. The acid in coffee blocks the absorption of magnesium, so the ogranism can't use it, and frequent headaches are also caused by a lack of magnesium. People prone to migraines should quit coffee.
  7. Coffee in pregnancy - a very important topic is whether pregnant women should drink coffee? If it is a small amount then as much as possible it does not endanger the baby, but in women who drink large amounts of coffee, the risk of miscarriage is much higher.
  8. Financial savings - drinking coffee often entails that we have to buy it just as often. Nowadays there are many types of coffee in stores: beans, ground, black, instant, flavored and many others. However, drinking coffee also means visits to cafes, because who wouldn't want to drink freshly ground tasty coffee from a favorite café in the city center ? However, when we want to save a little, it is worth giving up drinking coffee or limiting ourselves to a small amount.

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