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Bichon frise - what kind of dog breed is it?

beautiful bichon frisee dog

Bichon frise is a small very energetic dog that becomes very attached to people. He is friendly and learns quickly, although he can be stubborn and likes to stand his ground. The bichon frise is definitely not a dog for allergy sufferers. It has a curly coat that looks like sheep's wool, which causes allergies.

Bichon frise - how did the breed originate?

Bichon frise is an ornamental dog. It includes bolognese, Havanese and Maltese. The origins of the breed date back to the Renaissance. Years ago, the bichon was called the dog of Tenerife. The bichon was a favorite at aristocratic courts. It can be found on many works of art. Dogs began to be popular as early as the 18th century. In the 19th century, they disappeared from the courts and began to appear on the streets and in circuses. The breed was decimated during World War I. This time the breed survived, as soldiers who returned home took the dogs with them to America. In Europe, they once again began to be appreciated in the 1930s. It was then that the French Kennel Club recognized the breed.

Bichon frise - basic information about the breed

The bichon frise is about 30 centimeters tall. He weighs about 3 kilograms. Its coat color is white. The coat is silky and curly, which requires careful grooming. In good conditions, the dog lives up to 12-15 years. He is well built. It has a developed bones. It has a curled tail.

A dog who likes to be ruled

Bichon frise can make a person do anything he wants. He is very energetic and full of life. He is an intelligent dog who is easy to teach new behaviors and what behaviors cause certain reactions, so if he wants something he can achieve it very quickly. Bichons love to play. They like to be the center of attention. Despite this, they often like to rest preferably on their caregiver's bed. Bichon is a companion dog. He is sensitive and does not like rejection.

Bichon frise - immunity and health

Bichons are usually hardy dogs, but they do get sick sometimes. Like any breed, they have diseases specific to it. They can have a problem with tear duct obstruction, which causes streaking around the eyes and spotting of the coat. Sometimes they get eye diseases such as cataracts. Some of these dogs suffer from epilepsy. Most bichons in good conditions live to be several years old.

Intensive care

Because of their coat and eye problems, dogs require regular grooming, which takes a lot of time. It is necessary to trim their hair every two months or so. You can do this on your own or visit a groomer. On top of that, you need to remove traces of leakage from obstructed ducts. There are many preparations on the market that are designed for just this. Bichons hardly shed, but the wool of dogs is very allergenic, so people who have allergies should not own them.

Bichon frise - what to feed these dogs?

Despite their small size, bichons like to eat. Unfortunately, this makes it very easy for them to gain weight. You should check their weight on a regular basis and set a menu so that they do not become overweight. It is not a very good idea to give your dog leftover human food. It is best to choose a food that is properly suited to this breed. It should be a food with a low carbohydrate content. Alternatively, a BARF diet. You can buy ready-made food or prepare the food yourself, but for this you should have enough knowledge to make the bichon's diet balanced. In addition, supplements can be used.

Bichon frise - how much do you have to pay for a dog?

The price of bichons in breeding is a cost of about 6-7 thousand zlotys. The price may vary with each breeder. The final price is agreed with the breeder.

Who is the bichon frise for?

Bichon frise is a suitable dog for practically everyone except allergy sufferers. To own this dog you need to have the desire and ability, because despite its small size, this dog needs the attention of a guardian. The dog will find its way both in a small apartment and in a house with a garden, but you need to give it good care and devote time to walks and play. Despite this, they do not need a lot of exercise, so they will be a good pet for both the elderly and families with small children.

Little stubborn

Bichons have a trouble-free character, but they are very smart and stubborn dogs. They know how to exploit any weakness. It is best to provide him with at least basic training and create house rules. And, most importantly, obey them. This dog must have some rules, because if a straightforward man does not stand his ground, the bichon is capable of making up his own.


In Poland, the name bishon frise was created, but the name did not catch on. Bichon frise was liked better and remained as the prevailing name. Dogs of this breed can live up to 19 years under the right conditions. Bichons hate solitude and like to be close to humans. The coat of a dog that is not combed daily can look messy. Bathing a dog is sufficient once a month. Bichon frise likes other pets and gets along well with them. Dogs of this breed are popular in Belgium, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Canada, the United States and Hungary and Slovakia. Bichons are happy and full of life dogs, which is why they are considered anti-depressant dogs.

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