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How to create charming sphere candle holders and light up your space


Candlestick spheres are not only a source of romantic light, but also a unique interior decoration. Discover how you can create these unusual accessoriesoria yourself to add magic to your home. All you need is creativity and a few simple materials. Follow our tips and learn how to conjure up unique ball candle holders that will delight both day and night.

Selection of materials and tools

In order to start designing your own ball candle holders, you must first properly prepare the materials and tools. The shopping list will include glass balls of various sizes, ideal for creating a magical atmosphere. Don't forget about candles, both traditional and wax tealights. In addition, glass glue and a variety of decorations, such as colorful stones or seashells, will come in handy to add character to your candle holders. Ready? Now it's time to create!

Creating candlestick balls

We now move on to the practical stage of designing ball candle holders. First, using glue, we attach the candle inside the glass sphere, making sure that it is stably placed. Then, according to your vision, we decorate the spheres. This is the moment when you can give vent to your creativity, arranging stones, shells or other decorations according to your taste. Let your imagination flow, creating unique compositions that will enliven your interior.

Inspirational ideas for decorating candlestick balls

Glass spheres are a canvas for your imagination, so let's indulge in some inspiring ideas. If you love nature, try creating candlesticks balls with seasonal twigs and dried flowers, creating a springtime nook in your home. Another interesting idea is to use glitter and tiny stars to create candlestick balls perfect for the holiday season.

Or perhaps you desire something more minimalist? Then a monochromatic color palette and delicate patterns may be the answer to your needs. Browse a variety of ideas and let your creativity flourish!

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