Crocs shoes - why the popularity?

crocs shoes why so popular

Crocs are a product that probably everyone knows. Shoes, which at first glance seem simply ugly, have stolen the hearts of millions of people around the world. What is the secret of footwear, which in the summer is the highlight of many a styling?

A great success by chance

Crocs shoes are a product of chance. The idea for them came about in the Caribbean in 2002. It was then that Georg Boedecker Jr, Lyndon Hanson and Scott Seamans acquired a plywood foam, which they used instead of footwear to get on a cruise boat. The foam, being an emergency option, quickly proved to be an early success. The men discovered that it was the perfect material to create light, breathable and safe shoes for use in spas. Despite lack of money and strong criticism of the designers, the friends did not give up and the result of their actions was the creation of shoes which conquered the footwear market all over the world, winning the sympathy of people from the front pages of newspapers. The avalanche of promotions went into full swing, giving birth to the brand Crocs Footwear, which has been extremely popular around the world for several years.

Quality, comfort, indestructibility

The foam that gave birth to the brand is crocslite, a plastic that is used only by Crocs. It is a resinous material that has many positive properties, and one of the most important features is its durability. The use of crocslite in the production of the shoes makes their sole almost indelible, and thus can serve us for many seasons. Not without reason in the logo of Crocs there is a crocodile, an animal strong and resistant to water. Crocs can be successfully washed and even washed in a washing machine! Another amazing feature of the shoes, is that they slightly change their shape under the influence of the heat of the skin, and thus adjust to the owner's foot. Thanks to the construction and ventilation holes, the foot has constant access to air and does not sweat like in standard flip-flops. Antibacterial material prevents unpleasant odors. Crocs also have a band, which put over the heel allows you to wear them as sandals. This treatment makes the foot does not move, and walking is very comfortable. The weight that the shoes achieve thanks to the foam used in their production is only 160 grams. This lightness makes us forget that we have them on our feet while walking. Thanks to their many positive properties and the comfort of use, Crocs have gained enormous fame throughout the world. They have become a hit in everyday styling, but also comfortable shoes for work, for example for medics.

Original look

Crocs shoes have been astonishing since their inception. Despite millions of followers all over the world, there will still be those who think that you can at most walk around the house in them. It usually happens there even before you put them on. Trying Crocs and the comfort that comes with using them makes many people from skeptics to big fans of them. If even Crocs only serve us as slippers or shoes for the garden, nothing wrong with that! Their versatility is one of the keys to success. The shoes are great for casual, home styling, working in the garden, at the beach, pool, but also for elegant things. This makes it a timeless and designer shoe.

Most often, Crocs shoes come in intense colors. This makes them visible from a distance and makes them one of the main styling elements. Fantastic neon colors make parents increasingly choose Crocs as summer shoes for their children.

Comfort for the child

Crocs collection for children is constantly expanding. The most popular among the youngest are shoes with motifs from fairy tales. The sight of dogs from Dog Patrol, characters from Ice Age or Minions, makes children smile quickly. But the most important is the comfort of use. Children's feet are very delicate. Shoes, which provide comfort and at the same time no chafing, corns or excessive sweating are very desirable product. From the children's point of view, the advantage of shoes is also that they are suitable for decorating. The brand has released special ornaments that are used to embellish Crocs in their own way. Their variety makes it possible to modify the shoes at any time.

A wide range

Crocs shoes are flip-flops and sandals in one for many people. However, not everyone knows that the company that manufactures them also has other shoes in their offer. In addition to the popular Crocs in different colors, you can also find other models of shoes in the assortment. What kind, for example? For women, there is a wide selection of flip-flops. These can be both standard models, as well as flip-flops in the style of flip-flops, or with several straps. Sandals also come in many models and colors. Very popular are also rubber ballerinas, comfortable and light shoes. You can choose an option with a covered or uncovered heel. There are also openwork models. The company also offers sandals and flip-flops for men and shoes for the colder sweats of the year. Popular among both adults and children are wellingtons, which provide strong protection against water, as well as winter boots.

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