Friz's crew - who are they and what should you know about them?

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Friz team can be easily called the most popular creators of the Polish Internet. Each member's channel is watched and systematically viewed by hundreds of thousands, even millions of people. Their fans include children, teenagers and elderly people. Therefore, the content created by Karol Wiśniewski and his friends is pleasant and nice to watch for people of all ages.

Team History

Karol "Friz" Wisniewski

Karol Wisniewski, who functions on the Internet under the nickname "Friz", gained popularity thanks to the game Pokemon Go. In 2016, when this mobile game entered the market, videos about its progress were very popular. Friz, as an already experienced gamer, attracted a large group of viewers to his channel. At that time, he organized live reports and interviews with other players playing Pokemon Go. At the beginning of his YouTube career, Karol also conducted various types of videos, which involved his friends. He drew inspiration for his videos from You Tube abroad and from other well-known Polish artists, such as Stuu, Blowek or Rezi. Thanks to the dynamic development of the channel, Karol "Friz" Wiśniewski decided to take an American solution, which was living with his friends in a beautiful villa near Cracow.

Team channel

The "EKIPA" channel was founded in August 2018. Since then, the channel has been gaining more and more subscribers. From the beginning, the videos published on this channel are carefully planned and perfectly polished. In addition to the shared channel, members of the Team also have their own channels where they record vlogs, challenges and other interesting videos. The lineup of friends featured in the videos gives a sense of closeness to each of its members. Therefore, the main channel of the Team has already gathered over 2 million viewers of different ages. Currently, the team consists of 12 people: Karol "Friz" Wiśniewski, Weronika "Wersow" Sowa, Mateusz "Tromba" Trąbka, Marysia "Marcysia" Ryskała, Kamil Chwastek "Poczciwy Krzychu", Piotr Nowak "Nowciax", Marta "Murcix" Błoch, Jakub "Patec" Patecki, Kasia "Fusialka" Bożek, Łukasz "Wujek Łuki" Wojtyca, Mateusz "Mini Majk" Krzyżanowski and Paulina Kozłowska. Mikser left the team in the second season, and Paulina Kozłowska joined in the last season.

The channels of each of the Team creators are watched by up to several million viewers. The record holder of the Team is its founder, who has amassed over 4.58 million subscribers on his channel. In second place is Wersow, who has over 2.25 million subscribers on her account.

Videos created by the team are described as extremely creative, interesting and funny. Members of the team make sure that their content provides a lot of entertainment, is in line with current trends and is not just aimed at one specific group of viewers. The main audience of the Team are teenagers and adolescents, however the content created by the group is not in any way scandalous, harmful or promoting bad behavior. All adventures, challenges and tasks recorded by Friz Group take place in safe, controlled conditions.

The team goes beyond You Tube

Apart from their activity on the streaming service You Tube, the crew is also involved in other activities. For a long time they have been running their EKIPATONOSI store, where you can get clothes co-designed by the Ekipa members. The group of friends also entered into collaboration with Koral and created a water ice cream with shooting topping, available in different sizes and many flavors. In addition, after the success of the first single recorded by the Team, Karol and his friends decided to record an album. They invited, among others, Roksana Węgiel, Jacus, Cleo, Donatan and Qry to cooperate on the album. Moreover, Friz organized and released a guidebook "How to become No. 1 on YouTube", priced at PLN 999. Recently, Ekipa also went public as Ekipa Holding SA. The group also owns its rollercoaster at Energylandia, an amusement park in Zator, Ekipa Light Explorers, which opened on July 14, 2021.

The team also recorded a documentary called "Influencers Without Censorship" in which they talk about the group's business plans, behind the scenes of recording their first song.

Team Members

Karol Wiśniewski - Friz

Karol Wiśniewski is the originator and founder of the team. He was born on 13.02.1996 in Cracow. He gained popularity by recording movies about computer games such as Minecraft or Pokemon Go. Currently, Friz is one of the most popular influencers in Poland and is on the list of the richest young Poles.

Weronika Sowa - Wersow

Weronika Sowa is the partner of the founder of Ekipa. One of the more famous influencers in Poland, who boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram. She joined Ekipa in 2019 and has been busy creating daily vlogs.

Mateusz Trąbka - Tromba

He has been a member of the Team since its inception. He started his career from playing Pokemon Go. Together with his girlfriend, Marysia, they breed spider webs and geckos, with which they live in the Team's house. The content of his channel is based on vlogs, challenges, and terrariums.

Maria Ryskała - Marcysia

On the internet, she uses a pseudonym which is Marcysia. The topics of her channel include various popular topics, keto diet or interesting challenges, games and tasks. Marcysia is interested in exotic animals that she owns and cares for with her boyfriend Mateusz and in tattoos.

Łukasz Wojtyca - Uncle Luka

He is known as the "core of the Team." He serves as the group's manager and, along with the founder, handles the most important matters regarding contracts, business affairs and the stock market.

Katarzyna Bożek - Fusialka

Kasia has been active mainly on Instagram. She joined the Team quite late, compared to the other Team members. Her videos are not about one specific topic. Fusialka is interested in the game CS:Go, from which she started her adventure with filming.

Marta Błoch - Murcix

Marta creates videos on various topics. She is also active on Instagram and TikToku. She started her adventure with Ekpia with her ex-boyfriend, Mixer, who unfortunately left the Team. Murcix started her channel in late 2019 and has been actively contributing to the YouTube community ever since.

Kamil Chwastek - Kind-hearted Krzychu

Kamil set up his channel in 2020 with content mainly focused around automotive, which is his main passion. He graduated with a degree in engineering from the Cracow University of Technology, and now he's excelling at running a channel on YouTube.

Jakub Patecki - Patec

Jakub tries to reconcile his online activities along with his studies, which he decided to continue despite his life as an influencer. His videos focus on providing entertainment to his viewers. He documents his foreign travels, challenges and interesting ideas. Patec is known for his sense of humor and his specific, lighthearted approach to life.

Mateusz Krzyżanowski - Mini Majk

Mini Majk is distinguished primarily by his sense of humor and approach to life. Before joining the Team he was not associated with the Internet business. Before becoming an influencer, he worked in the health food industry and in nightclubs, among other things.

Piotr Nowak - Nowciax

Piotr's greatest passion is photography. Thanks to that he provides the members of the team with photo sessions. He bases the theme of his films not only on having fun and doing challenges, but also on presenting and bringing closer to the viewers his passions.

Paulina Kozlowska

Paulina Kozlowska joined the crew quite recently. She is Mini Majka's girlfriend and the content that she records on her channel is mainly about cosmetics, because make-up and cosmetology are in her interests.

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