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EKIPATONOSI - from YouTube channel to its own store

How did it all start?

The crew is a Polish group of youtubers and influencers founded in August 2018 by Karol "Friz" Wisniewski, who was already known for his independent activities at the time. Originally, the group consisted of Friz himself, his friend Mateusz "Tromba" Trąbka, manager and manager of the entire project Lukasz "Uncle Luki" Wojtyca, and low-eyed Mateusz "Mini Majka" Krzyzanowski." Later, more members joined the project and created content for both the Team's channel and their own channel on the YouTube platform. Along with their success in social media, the Ekipa launched their music career in 2020, and in 2021 they went public on the Polish stock exchange as Ekipa Holding Company. Currently, all of Ekipa's videos have a total of 391 million views, while their channel is watched by more than two million subscribers. Recent media reports, however, suggest that conflicts have arisen within the Ekipa lineup, and some of their members, including, one of the project's co-founders, Tromba, no longer appear in joint videos.

Businesses of the Team

The team has capitalized on its growing popularity by selling a variety of products bearing its own logo. Already gone down in history, extremely popular thanks to the spread of the Internet, is the cooperation with the ice cream company Koral, which in 2021 presented two new flavors of its products bearing the logo of the well-known youtube group. Later that year, the Ekipa began cooperation with the Energylandia amusement park near Krakow and the Herlitz company, which produces school supplies, while the following year, in the Biedronka store chain, in the section with baked goods, the Ekipa's colorful donuts appeared, later intensively promoted by the entire group. The DonPro label produced the group's music album, while the Book and Fun publishing house handled the publication and distribution of two books under their banner. Of all the Ekipa's financial initiatives, the most persistent, most consistently run and, as one might guess, generating the most revenue, is the EKIPATONOSI online store.

Behind the scenes of the store Crew wears it

The EKIPATONOSI online store, which sells products of the brand of the same name, was registered on December 11, 2020, and from the very beginning was presented as an ambitious and expansive project - according to information published on the Ekipa stock company's website, the office and warehouse space at the company's disposal was to amount to more than 1,200 cubic meters of space. The project's website presents itself in an aesthetically pleasing, coherent and visually restrained manner, enabling efficient navigation through the array of available products. Initially, the store's offer included, as the name suggests, only clothes, but after some time the inventory was also expanded to include other, very diverse gadgets, while the clothes were grouped into so-called collections, i.e. sets of products that are thematically and visually similar. The store regularly offers promotions on products from the standard assortment, and offers free home delivery of products for every order exceeding the value of PLN 90.

Clothing offer Crew wears it

On the EKIPATONOSI website, the range of clothing is extremely rich and includes, in fact, every conceivable item of clothing - t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, hats, rubber bands and headbands, pants and socks in many colors, patterns, cuts and made of various materials. On the site you can buy both casual printed t-shirts made of high-quality cotton, an autumn jacket made of synthetic materials - polyester and polyamide, and, created from a mix of cotton and synthetic fabrics, socks. A response to the reality of the coronavirus pandemic, on the other hand, are cotton black protective masks in various designs. All of the products, by virtue of their logos, are easily identifiable with the Team's brand, while according to the text on the site they were also properly tested and regularly worn by members of the group before being made available to the wider public. Each product is marked as designed and sewn in Poland.

Gadget offer The team wears it

On the Ekipa website, in addition to clothing, you can also buy a huge range of gadgets of very different form and use. There are very simple decorative products, such as a key lanyard, a refrigerator magnet or sticker sets for children, as well as those for which you can contract a much broader use. The team offers several different types of large mugs with a capacity of 300 ml, a multitude of phone cases adapted to dozens of the most popular device designs, or a mascot of Cloud - a small dog of the Pomeranian breed known for its appearances on the YouTube channel. For those not interested only in gadgets, but looking for more specific content, the offer includes the SEZON 3 CD, which features the group's 13 musical tracks. EKIPATONOSI's offer is thus very rich and aimed at different audiences - from the smallest children to adolescents growing up, and everything suggests that the variety of products on offer will only expand in the future.

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