Nike Dunk Low - what are these shoes and why are they popular?

nike dunk low

Nike Dunk Low

One of the most popular shoes that Nike presents to us. They were created in 1985 and then lived to see their premiere. Shoes are wide, very well fit into any type of clothing, especially wide pants and T-shirts. Nike dunk low as a prestigious shoe, quite often receives to its next, new models different types of colors. The shoe by its uniqueness and popularity is not too cheap. Nike dunk low prices start from 500 zł upwards. A large number of collaborations certainly increases their value and how desirable they have become. Celebrities and stars around the world very often decide on these shoes and it is understandable for several reasons. Nike presents us with a lot of colors of these shoes, which is a huge plus because everyone will find something for themselves.
The manufacturer itself talks about its shoes as if they were skateboarding or basketball shoes, but rest assured, that's not the only thing the Dunks are designed for. In the 1980s and 1990s, they made their debut on basketball courts, but people started wearing them in everyday life as well. They were very comfortable, well-made and as it was written earlier - above all, they went with everything.

Basketball future

In the 1980s, in America, there was no sport more appealing than basketball. Every young boy in the backyard played basketball, and it's safe to say that the stars of the NBA league were known around the world. Players like Michael Jordan quickly became pop culture icons not just in America.
The cult shoe premiered 3 years later, after Nike's most famous shoe, the Air Force 1. Despite this, the Nike Dunk broke through and it was also the shoe that made the company with the swoosh strong. The Dunk also took over some elements from the Jordan 1, which with the AF1 gave such a good shoe as the Nike Dunk Low.


Those familiar with streetwear know that Nike releases shoes for different weather conditions and also wants to hit the user's preferences perfectly. Producing the most prestigious shoes, versions are released:

  • Low
  • Mid
  • High

Each of these versions differs from each other in performance and has different advantages as well as disadvantages. Of course, when talking about Nike Dunk, the most popular ones are the Low type. This type is designed for everything, its appearance and performance beats the other two types of these shoes, which are not as popular and few people who have a choice of Dunki choose the version of Mid, or High.

The differences between the Nike Dunk and the Nike Dunk SB

As the popularity of Dunks increases in 2018, newer types of these shoes are coming out. People want to buy Dunks because there is a demand for them now, and they are also very comfortable. The classic version of these shoes has an all leather upper, it is not filled like the SB series. The same treatment takes place in the tongue. It is stuffed and has extra rubber bands to hold it in place.
The skateboarding version is quite tight, but it is certainly more comfortable. People buying such models often opt for shoes a size larger.
The SB Dunki are also better equipped with cushioning systems on the soles. The classic models have the usual, normal insoles, while the SB version already has insoles with different systems such as:

  • Zoom Air located under the heel
  • Poron foam under the midfoot.

These systems were designed specifically for skateboarding, but as previously mentioned, Dunki are a timeless shoe and can be used anywhere.

The perfect shoes for spring, summer, fall and winter

Along with the beautiful and long days, hot weather is approaching. This kind of weather often makes us tired and fight with the temperature. The right choice of shoes is also very important. For those familiar with streetwear, it's not just comfort that matters. It is also important that the shoes look nice and make us feel very good ourselves. Dunki thanks to its construction will provide us with a very high comfort of use. It should be taken into account that if we want a shoe intended for the summer, buying Dunki in the SB version will not be a good idea.
As for the following seasons, the shoe is durable, so it will also survive winter and harsher conditions. However, you need to remember to take good care and maintenance since they are made of leather. If you have never bought this kind of shoes before, you must know that it is not easy. In order not to get any creases or damage to the leather - you can go to the official Nike website and read about shoe care.

Is Dunki Low the best choice up to £1000?

When comparing all the Nike shoes that are currently on the market to each other, the Nike Dunk Low certainly ranks at the top of the pile. They are a well-made shoe with a ton of colorways and collaborations, and they live up to their name when it comes to comfort. Maybe the Dunks are not the best shoes for 1000 PLN, but as previously mentioned, they stand proudly on the podium and will not leave it soon. It's hard to replace shoes that are timeless and the manufacturer invests money in them all the time.

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