Nina Hartley - what kind of actress is she?

nina hartley

Being an actor is an opportunity to appear in many different roles. However, we are not just talking about playing different characters and showing the transformation of a character. Some industries are a little more specific and involve different challenges. The adult film industry focuses primarily on carnality, which creates quite a challenge for actors who choose to work in this industry. However, one person who decided to take on such a challenge turned out to be Nina Hartley. She is a pornographic actress who is no longer actively acting in films, but who has made a permanent mark in the history of the industry. What is worth knowing about her? It is worth reading on and finding out.

Nina Hartley - adult film actress

The porn industry has been growing for many decades now. More and more actors are building their careers in this specific world, becoming part of the big world where love is understood in its own way. It is worth seeing that Nina Harley is someone who has set the bar high for herself and has gradually made a name for herself and her popularity. Hartley is of American descent, she is now already 63 years old, but she is still associated with the porn industry. Not many people know that initially the actress was supposed to be a nurse. She graduated from University with honors, but her nursing career ended faster than it began. Hartley had an unconventional family. Her mother is strongly associated with Buddhism and herself teaches others in this field. The actress's father was also a man of faith, and in her family there was even a person with a professor's degree. This was her grandfather, who was a professor in the field of physics. However, Hartley herself did not follow the direction of science. Her person watched a pornographic movie in the theater at a young age and decided she wanted to go into the industry. Since then, Hartley has done what she could to get into her dream world. Her first steps in the industry were at a club where she was a stripper. This is what the actress' early life was like.

Nina Hartley - porn star

Nina Hartley became famous not right away. Her first video did not cause much of a sensation. However, she later attracted quite a bit of attention when she started making a series of instructional videos. These works have gained quite a bit of fame. According to statistics, for 30 years she managed to appear in more than 1000 adult films. Her character gained quite a bit of fame and became recognizable all over the world. Hartley was famous not only by the number of appearances in adult films, but also by her appearance. The actress enjoyed a beautiful, feminine figure that attracted attention. Hartley had a narrow waist and a bottom that was described as firm and round. Men eagerly admired the woman's charms. In addition, the actress also possessed distinctive large blue eyes, which further made her beauty adored. It is also worth mentioning that the actress has a good sense of humor and approaches her person, appearance and profession with great detachment. What else is worth knowing about the adult film actress?

Nina Hartley - real personal information

Nina Hartley is really just an artistic pseudonym. The actress' real personal information is Marie Hartman. Her name was converted to Nina because, as the actress herself says, it was easy to pronounce for the foreigners she was dealing with. As for the name change, the actress chose one that was similar to her real name. However, Hartley is still known by her nickname to this day, and her real personal information is a mystery to many people. What else is worth knowing about the actress? She is married. Ira Lavine is the current partner of the actress he is also associated with her industry and the couple gets along well together. It is worth knowing that they have created several sex guides together. When it comes to the sexual orientation of the actress, she does not describe herself as a lesbian or a heterosexual person. She claims to be bisexual, which also agrees with the materials she has created. Hartley's husband may be better known as Ernest Greene. This is his artistic pseudonym. The actress has divorced once as well as being in a relationship with a woman.

Nina Hartley - further trivia

Nina Hartley was born in 1959. Her early life didn't promise to deviate into a career in adult films, but the woman had been trying to get her life going in that direction since University, and she succeeded too. Hartley has no children. Apart from being a porn actress, she is also into directing movies. Her person has been described by the big CNBC television as a legend in the adult world. It is worth knowing that the woman did not try to remain anonymous throughout her career, but all the time she took on new challenges. In 2013, she appeared at the AVN Awards. Despite the fact that the actress already has her years, she continues to hold up well and continues to contribute to the world of porn. According to sources, the actress continued to take part in tapings in 2015.

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