Bombay Sapphire Londony Dry Gin - blue spirit

Bombay Sapphire Londony Dry Gin - blue spirit

Alcohol is a beverage that is obviously intended only for adults, but its presence can grace any occasion. Species of alcohol are characterized by different parameters. It is worth knowing that some species of alcohol can take on interesting colors. Red, orange, green and even blue. The latter color can be found in some types of gin, for example, Bombay Sapphire. This is a beverage that stands out because of its beautiful blue color, which, however, is still intended only for adults. It is worth finding out more about the bombay sapphire spirit itself and the possibilities for making drinks that it offers.

Bombay sapphire - blue alcohol

Bombay sapphire is an alcohol that was first produced in England. It stands out because of its blue color that is eye-catching. This liquor is high in alcohol. Depending on the country, it can be found in either a 40 or a 47 percent version. The former is registered for UK and European countries. While the latter version is easier to meet in the United States. The drink stands out from other available spirits and has already made a name for itself. The blue color definitely stands out, and with it you can create numerous colorful drinks that are perfect for celebrations and occasions. It is also worth knowing that bombay sapphire is an alcohol that is well known to bartenders. The preparation of drinks in neon colors is possible precisely thanks to the presence of this liquor of intense color. The alcohol works great alone and in the company of other additives such as ice cream, juices or other liquor or fruit. What else is worth knowing about the popular Bombay Sapphire? It is worth reading on and finding out.

Bombay sapphire - interesting facts about blue liquor

Not everyone knows what flavor bombay sapphire has. An alcoholic answer would be out of place here, as the drink was created for those who can appreciate the taste of alcohol and the ingredients that are still in the bottle. In case of Bombay Sapphire the list of ingredients is not short at all. On the contrary, it can be said that the alcohol consists of: almond, lemon, licorice, currant, berry variety, orris root, as well as kubeba, or pepper, and also ginger. It is a rich composition that allows you to provide yourself with multiple flavors and a rich aroma in one glass. The drink is special not only because of its special color, but also because of its composition. The drink is rich in several ingredients that are exotic and the numerous flavors blend together to create a feast for the senses. Bombay sapphire drink first appeared in 1986 and has been successively produced since then. It is worth knowing that it is distributed by the Bacardi company. In Poland you can also find this drink in numerous stores. The alcohol is classified as a variety of gin. It is worth knowing that Bombay can be found in three versions and not all of them have a characteristic blue color. Some varieties are devoid of color, i.e. they are transparent.

Bombay sapphire - a drink idea

With the use of bombay sapphire, you can prepare numerous drinks that are perfect for more than one party. Birthdays, name days, weddings, as well as other celebrations are all occasions when you should prepare drinks using blue alcohol. It is a beverage that should not be consumed by drivers, however. It has 40 percent, which translates into the inability to drive a car and should not be consumed by people under the age of 18. When it comes to drink recipes, on the other hand, you should try combining this alcohol with tonic. The tonic must always be at least 2 times more than gin. If you want to prepare a sweet drink, it is worth adding some sweeter additions to the glass. First of all, you can try adding honey and lemon peel. The whole thing can be additionally cooled with a few ice cubes. Then the whole thing will gain more character.

As another suggestion, try the combination of bombay sapphire and liqueur. You should choose a fruity flavor that will make the whole thing taste fruity. For example, choose black currant liqueur or blackberry liqueur. The combination of such flavors with blue gin can be additionally enriched with a few drops of sweeter syrup. It is advisable to serve it all in a highball glass with a few additions such as mint leaves. You can also try combining bombay sapphire with lemon juice. You can use one that is freshly squeezed. Lemon peel can also be used for decoration. This will not only make the whole thing taste delicious, but also look beautiful. You can also try combining blue gin with flavored waters. This is another original idea, thanks to which you can create a unique drink. However, it is worth remembering each time that the drink should remain chilled and that the whole thing should look beautiful with accessories.

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