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Gentlest dogs for a child

Dogs for homes with children should have a gentle disposition, be caring and, above all, patient. Four-legged dogs have a very beneficial effect on the development of children, teaching them responsibility and sensitivity. Contact with them is especially recommended for toddlers with certain problems (autism, hyperactivity, Asperger's syndrome), although it is the dream of many children. However, the decision to take in such a pet must be well thought out. Not every dog will be suitable for a family with young children. It is worth choosing one of the gentlest breeds, so that the pet will certainly become the child's best friend.

Gentlest dogs for a child-what should they be?

A good dog for a child of any age must have a low energy level. He should not only be gentle, but also patient. Young children, in particular, love to stroke the pet's fur and cuddle with it. Any childish taunts should be well received by the pet. A dog for a child should be caring, full of energy and joyful. Playing with him must be safe for the child. Also important is the size of the pet, which should be adjusted to the age of the child. Small dogs can accidentally get hurt in contact with an impetuous toddler. A large-breed four-legged dog, on the other hand, must learn to be gentle with a small child, but can act as a protector and guardian for him. As for whether to choose a puppy or an adult dog, this is an individual issue. However, an older dog must not have bad experiences with children and must respond well to them. A puppy is easier to raise, and at the same time the kid will not be afraid of such a small dog. Growing together will make them inseparable.

Gentlest dogs for a child- a review of breeds

Here are some of the gentlest breeds recommended for homes with children:

A Young Girl And A Golden Retriever Dog Sitting On 2022 03 04 02 31 39 Utc

Golden retriever

This is a breed with a calm disposition, extremely friendly to people. These dogs are great caretakers for young children, in addition, they often take part in dog therapy. These four-legged dogs are patient and wise. Importantly, they also tolerate other pets. They obediently follow all commands and learn quickly. They require a lot of exercise and activity, both indoors and outdoors. Golden retriever is an excellent attached friend to its owner. On a daily basis, he needs closeness and is great with his family.

Dog Cavalier King Charles Spaniel For A Walk In Su 2022 11 12 08 52 55 Utc

Cavalier king charles spaniel

Another very calm and non-confrontational dog breed that will be perfect for a family full of children. Dogs of this breed are very gentle, trusting and sociable. They do not show any aggression and become strongly attached to people. Cavalier cling charles spaniel is a faithful friend of a child and a dog that is readily used in dog therapy. Spaniels also get along with other pets without any problems. They will find themselves in a house with a garden, as well as in a block of flats.

English Bulldog Sleep On The Lap Of A Boy Who Is I 2022 12 07 04 47 23 Utc

English bulldog

It is a cheerful, joyful and loving pet. It is suitable for young children. The English bulgot is a particularly gentle and calm dog breed. With patience it will endure children's noises, emotions and taunts. They are not dogs that like to bark. In addition, they do not require very much exercise.

Bernese Mountain Dog 2021 08 26 18 34 21 Utc

Bernese Mountain Dog

He is a large, but very nice dog. He doesn't get upset too quickly and puts up with a lot. He is quiet, patient and composed. It is ideal as a friend for the whole family. Importantly, it is an extremely intelligent animal that likes to learn. This breed has also found use in dog therapy. However, it is worth remembering that these dogs need a considerable amount of exercise. They need to discharge their innumerable energy on a walk or while playing at home.

Young Border Collie Dog On A Leash In Park 2022 01 18 23 37 53 Utc.

Scottish shepherd collie

Scottish Shepherd is a great choice for the youngest members of the family. This breed includes smart and gentle dogs. They will be excellent companions for children, as well as the elderly. They easily grasp tricks and need constant proximity. They are not suitable for a block of flats.

Cute Boxer Dog 2022 11 07 23 59 34 Utc


Another gentle breed of dog is boxers. These four-legged dogs treat children with unheard-of gentleness, care and tenderness. They are also excellent playmates for older toddlers.

Close Up Of A Beagle Dog Standing 2022 01 18 23 33 55 Utc


Pets of this breed are very lively and eager to play. They are excellent companions for children's activities. They are not couch dogs. They require a huge dose of exercise. In addition, they are very intelligent, willing to follow commands and learn quickly. They have a lot of love for man, are sociable and cheerful.

Bichon Frise 2022 11 15 15 42 27 Utc

Bichon Frise

He is a small pet with a big heart. He is eager to play with children, as well as loves to experience daily petting from them. It is especially recommended for slightly larger children due to its small size. The Bichon Frise is a charming and smart dog that does not like criticism and lack of attention.

Festive Jack Russell Dog In Red Paper Crown Sits N 2022 12 07 01 14 11 Utc

Jack russell terrier

This breed is extremely cheerful and energetic. It requires a lot of attention. They are gentle dogs for children, who love to play with them. However, it should be remembered that this dog requires a lot of exercise. He is inquisitive and goes everywhere, so he will be perfect for an energetic toddler.

Irish Setter Dog With Toy 2021 12 21 18 59 31 Utc.

Irish Setter

A gentle and family dog is also an Irish setter. He needs constant contact with people and loves walks and playtime. He is also faithful and patient. In addition, it is an understanding companion for any small child.

Poodle In The Garden 2022 02 02 03 49 13 Utc


It will prove itself especially as a member of an active family. The variety and its size must be selected for the age of the child. Poodles are cheerful, intelligent, patient, proud and protective. They love to spend time outdoors, playing with children. It is also worth noting that they have hair, not fur. Thus, they are suitable for homes where allergy sufferers live.

Gentlest dogs for autistic children

According to specialists, contact with dogs has a very positive effect on children with autism or Asperger's syndrome. Four-legged dogs are able to reduce the level of aggression and frustration in children. They make them feel safe and interact with others more easily. Such dog breeds are recommended for autistic toddlers as, for example, Scottish sheepdog, cocker-spaniel, golden retriever or labrador retriever.

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