Miniature Pinscher - what is worth knowing about this breed?

Miniature Pinscher - what is worth knowing about this breed?

Miniature Pinscher is a small dog that is otherwise known as a ratler or pinscher. This dog has a gentle disposition and is eager to please. It is one of the smallest domestic dogs. It likes to bark, which can be a nuisance to owners and neighbors.

Pinscher - what dogs belong to this breed?

Pinschers are a group of dog breeds that include the Doberman, Miniature Pinschers, Monkey Pinschers, and Medium Pinschers. They are easy to maintain, healthy and hardy dogs. However, it is best to provide them with a home where they get plenty of exercise and the guardian shows interest in them. Miniature Pinschers are among the most popular of this breed. This includes the dwarf pinscher, or ratler. However, ratlers are not recognized by the cynological associations due to the fact that they were created through mass breeding.

History of the breed

The Miniature Pinscher was developed in Germany. The breed was officially recognized in 1870. In 1929, the American Miniature Pinscher Club was founded. It is a variation of the medium pinscher that has no signs of dwarfism. They were once used commonly as rat dogs. They were also parlor dogs. They were popular at royal courts. Today, they are guard dogs and companion dogs.

Appearance of the Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher is proportionally built. It has high set, upright ears. They are folded in the shape of the letter V. The dog has a set, sometimes clipped, tail. It has a short, smooth fitting coat. It has no undercoat. Typically, the Pinscher is either black-furred or solid red in various shades. In the case of the black-furred Miniature Pinscher, the dog has markings on the underside of the tail in the anal area, on the neck, on the paws, on the cheeks and above the eyes. It usually has two equal triangles on its chest. The eyes of pinschers have tightly fitting eyelids. Pinschers' hair is short and shiny. An adult Pinscher is about 25-30 cm tall. It weighs about 3-6 kilograms.

Miniature Pinscher - what is worth knowing about it?

The Miniature Pinscher originated as a guard dog and companion dog. Pinscher means "terrier" in German. Although he is tiny, he has a lot of terrier in him. He is brave, fearless, likes to play, is always busy with something and is known for his nosiness. He has a temperament. Miniature Pinschers are very popular among dog lovers because of their appearance and small stature. They are dogs that like to be next to humans and become very attached to their human family. However, it is not necessarily a good dog for small children, because with violent movements, it may feel threatened and use its teeth in defense.

Attachment to the caregiver

Miniature Pinschers are dogs that attach mostly to one caregiver, but they can be trained to obey several people. They love their owner and need his closeness. They like to be the center of attention. Despite their small size, these dogs often see themselves as protectors of the family. They value peace and quiet. They are not usually fond of strangers. They are clever and observant. They need a lot of activity. They like toys and walks. These dogs learn quickly. From a very young age they have to be in contact with other dogs, because if they don't do it they can be unfriendly to other representatives of their breed. They have a hunting instinct, so it is worth to watch them during walks.


The Miniature Pinscher can hear even the smallest murmurs, so it barks very often to warn the household members of danger. This can be a nuisance for owners, so you need to think seriously before deciding on a dog.


Despite its small size, the Miniature Pinscher can cause trouble if not trained early enough. It is important to be consistent. It's best to introduce rules at home which the dog must obey without fail. Pinschers, because of their perceptiveness, very easily notice that the owner has a weaker moment and they can win him over to their side in various matters, so it is important to be consistent. If he is allowed to do more, he will easily take advantage of it.

Health & Care

Miniature Pinschers live approximately 12-15 years. Due to their weak bones, they are more prone than other dogs to joint injuries such as dislocation of the kneecap. They suffer from diabetes mellitus. They tend to put on weight. When it comes to grooming, it's best to brush the dog about once a week. Special treats should be given to help remove tartar on a regular basis, as these dogs are more likely to have tartar buildup. The dog, apart from the fact that it will take care of hygiene, will also have fun while doing it. In addition, you should brush your dog's teeth and trim his claws regularly.


Every dog needs proper nutrition. With Pinschers being as active as they are, this is especially important. You should get food with animal protein and pay attention to the product description. You shouldn't give such dogs food in which there are cereals and other stuffing. You can also prepare the meals yourself, but for this you should have the appropriate knowledge. You should also remember about fresh water, given not only at home, but also during longer walks, so that the dog can replenish fluids on a regular basis.

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