Rocking chair - a great piece of furniture

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Rocking chair

A rocking chair is a great piece of furniture and offers many benefits. For example, it can provide relaxation. In fact, many people spend afternoons in a rocking chair because it is soothing and relaxing. Besides, the inclined angle of this furniture can also provide ergonomic benefits. Unfortunately, choosing a rocking chair is not an easy task, as they come in different types. The traditional rocking chair has curved legs that allow it to move forward and backward. To be more precise, this piece of furniture has two bent legs that are attached to the lower structure of the chair. This design ensures that the chair has perfect balance while maintaining a rocking motion. Traditional rocking chairs are the cheapest type of rocking chair. Besides, it is also durable, as it lacks mechanical parts that can break. The downside is that this piece of furniture is inflexible. In addition, it requires a lot of space to be functional.

Symbolism of rocking chairs

For many, a rocking chair is a comfortable piece of furniture that pays homage to the old days. While this is true, they had a greater purpose in their heyday. As these chairs became more sought after in 19th century America, they were soon considered a symbol of the middle class. If someone saw a rocking chair in a house or on a porch, they could quickly tell the status of the family.

Types of rocking chairs

A spring rocking chair is like a traditional rocking chair that swings back and forth in motion. The difference is that it uses mounted springs instead of curved legs. However, the mechanism of this chair is somewhat complicated and unsightly; therefore, designers prefer to hide it in a box. The box is then placed at the base of the chair for aesthetic purposes and to prevent unwanted contact. The spring rocking chair has pads and standard upholstery; in this way it can provide comfort. In addition, it is also more durable and less expensive than the traditional version.

Antique rocking chairs are made of wood. Over the decades, the type of wood used varied. For example, in the 1700s oak and maple were common. In 1800 rocking chairs were made of mahogany.

The swivel rocking chair has a swivel mechanism that allows it to have a second rocking motion. This mechanism makes the chair fold; however, it also makes the chair more flexible and comfortable. In addition, this mechanism can be placed on a glider or spring rocking chair to increase its comfort and functionality. Despite being a great piece of furniture, a swivel rocking chair is expensive. Moreover, it is also prone to breakage due to its sophisticated mechanical parts.

What is a nursing rocking chair?

This is a seat that is designed to help an infant get a good and relaxed sleep. The rocking motion helps the baby completely calm down and take a nap when needed. Most are manufactured with foam cushions, but you can also find chairs that use fabric for that extra comfort.

This is worth remembering!

There are many designs you can choose from, depending on the type of features you want. Some of the most popular models of rocking chairs are those that are made of wood. In addition to wood, there are also chairs made of wicker. Wicker is much cheaper than wood, but it is also very easy to clean and stain resistant. Wicker rocking chairs were a favorite in the Victorian era because they could be customized. This rocking chair uses woven wicker pieces to create a sturdy frame. The woven pattern can be changed to have different thicknesses or shapes depending on a person's preference.


A rocking chair usually has legs supporting the structure between the curved control arms and the seat. These legs often look similar to the legs on any basic wooden chair, but with a wishbone assembly at the bottom. Some rocking chairs have curved supports or decorative balusters that convert to rockers on the bottom of the chair. On some chairs, the back legs extend all the way to the top of the chair, while also forming part of its backrest. In this case, the chair leg is measured from the rocker to the seat. The part of the leg that extends beyond this is called the stile. Rails are the structures that hold rocking chairs together. Although often decorative and seamlessly integrated into the chair's design, rails are the parts that hold the seat, back and legs of a rocking chair together. The top rail is the uppermost element along the top of the chair's backrest. The side rails are the two main pieces that travel down from the top rail to the seat. Between the side rails, the chair back can have spindles or a splat, which is a somewhat flat piece of wood carved into a shape like a vase. The splat can curve to provide back comfort. The seat rail or apron rests underneath the set itself and is where the legs and back of the chair attach to the seat.

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