Senatorium of Love - a reality show for seniors

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Love these days

Nowadays it is very hard to find love or simply someone with whom we will feel comfortable, accepted and above all loved. It is a kind of paradox, because technology offers us many different opportunities through which we can meet new people. There is also ease of travel, open borders, flights to many countries, so it is possible to meet someone from abroad. However, finding someone suitable is very difficult. Many young people complain about how hard it is for them to meet someone, that people on dating apps don't take anything seriously and that hardly anyone understands the word "relationship". This is very sad and depressing. It is also common for ailing and elderly people to stay at home and not have the opportunity to meet someone, they are also mainly confined to "their backyard", which is where they mostly go. Many elderly people long for love and to experience something beautiful in their old age. However, how are they supposed to do that if they are limited by their city, inability to use technology, and many other obstacles? That's when the "Sanatorium of Love" program comes to the rescue.

What is the "Sanatorium of Love"?

There are many different dating programs, but they are mainly aimed at young people. TVP came up with its own initiative, broadcasting a program called "Sanatorium of love", as the name suggests, love can be met in a sanatorium! The participants are elderly people who apply for the program and go to a sanatorium. There they get double rooms, get to know each other and participate in many different competitions and tasks. The ladies get to know the gentlemen and all sorts of relationships form between them, sometimes good, sometimes bad. The participants also enjoy many treatments, as it is in a spa, they also go on dates, to which they can take the person of their choice. During the program "Sanatorium of Love" the so-called "bather of the episode" is also chosen, which is a great honor for the participants and an opportunity to go on a date. The first episode of the show was aired in 2019, now the show already has many fans of all ages and new seasons are still being filmed.

The wisdom of life

It has been known for a long time that it is worth drawing wisdom from older people who have lived through a lot in their lives. They are the ones who can show us solutions to problems, what is important in life and what is not, look at our life from a different perspective. The program shows that love can come to us at any age. It also shows how much love is worth and why it is worth taking care of our loved ones. The program is hosted by Marta Manowska, who takes the participants for an intimate conversation just the two of them, thanks to which we can learn more about the participants' lives and past. You often hear stories that are incredibly sad. The death of a child, alcoholism, abandonment, violence, are just a few of the topics that the program participants have had to deal with in the past. They also show that everyone deserves love, it doesn't matter what age they are or what they have been through.

Overcoming your weaknesses and discovering your talents

We must admit that the program "Sanatorium of love" is an extremely motivating broadcast, thanks to which we gain a moment of reflection. During the program, the participants have various tasks and attractions, these are often things that are very hard for the participants to do, for example, due to fear, condition or skills. What is very important is that they show that it is worth overcoming one's fears and, above all, not to close oneself off to new activities, but to try as many new things as possible. Apart from that, the bather often struggles with different fears, for example fear of heights or fear of water. It is usually the case that the other participants generate so much support that the person tries and overcomes their fear anyway. It is incredibly motivating to see older people step out of their comfort zone and try new things. It is a push for young people who have a fear of the new within them.

Why watch the show "Sanatorium of Love"?

"Sanatorium of Love" is a program for every age group, it will be suitable both for older viewers, to whom it can show that at any age you can fall in love, for younger viewers to show them what is most important in life. It is a very warm and moving program, thanks to which you can have a good time, but also open up to new topics, reflect on various issues in your life. It is a program that is a chance for older people to come forward and experience an adventure. It doesn't necessarily have to end in a wedding but meeting amazing people is also important in life. It is a good option for single people but also for people who feel a kind of boredom in their lives and want to experience something new. "Sanatorium of Love" is a program that combines entertainment, because it is really very pleasant to watch, along with a very important message.

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