The fat-free fryer - the way to prepare your favourite food in a healthy way

The fat-free fryer - the way to prepare your favourite food in a healthy way

French fries are a frequent and much-loved addition to most dinners in every household. Unfortunately due to the fact that they are calorific and deep-fried in oil a large group of people often resigns from preparing this very tasty dish. Preparing fries in the oven is also not suitable for everyone. Fortunately, an excellent solution that allows you to enjoy the taste of your favorite side dish and at the same time allows for fat-free frying is fat free fryer. How does it work and is it worth investing in such a device? What to look for when buying a fat-free fryer?

Principles and mechanism of operation of a greaseless fryer

The basic principle of operation deep fat fryer is a mechanism similar to the operation of a convection oven. In case of this type of devices, French fries placed in the device are not fried in hot and deep oil, but thanks to the heated air they simply bake in it. Thanks to the application of this solution in modern non-fat fryers we obtain a product that is very crispy on the outside and simultaneously soft and juicy on the inside. Only a small amount of oil is poured inside the fryer (much less than in the case of classic fryers), thanks to which the dish is characterized by significantly lower calorific value than the one prepared in the traditional manner.

When frying in such a fryer, the air is distributed evenly, so you can be sure that each potato placed inside it will be cooked perfectly. Importantly, most appliances also allow you to regulate the temperature, so you can also prepare foods such as vegetables or meat in it.

What to look for when buying a greaseless fryer?

Those determined to purchase deep fat fryer It's worth getting to know each one of them and the functions they have as well as analyzing your needs and expectations regarding this type of product. It is worth knowing exactly what each of them is and what functions they have as well as analyzing your needs and expectations for this type of product.

One of the most important parameters to pay attention to is the power of the device. The higher it is, the faster the fryer will be ready for use and the shorter the time of preparing meals in it. Therefore, it is worth choosing a device that is characterized by a power of at least 1200 W. If the device is also to be used for preparing meat and other dishes it is worth choosing a more powerful fryer with a power of at least 2 thousand W.

Also important is the capacity of the device and the temperature range it offers. The capacity should be chosen according to individual needs and the number of household members for whom meals will be prepared. On the market there are both devices with a capacity of 1 liter and larger ones with a container of 5 liters. What makes working with the device easier is the temperature range, which allows you to adjust the ideal temperature for preparing specific dishes.

Good quality fat free fryer It should also be characterized by the appropriate number of operating programs and equip the equipment with such functionalities as defrosting or gentle baking. Thanks to this it will be a multifunctional device that will serve not only to prepare healthy and fat-free fries. The sound signal function of the fryer will remind forgetful and inexperienced cooks about the end of food preparation. Working with the device is also facilitated by equipping the fryer with a dedicated electronic panel. Thanks to these functionalities there is no need to check every now and then whether the dish is ready for consumption. This also prevents overuse of the device.

It is also crucial to pay attention to the safety features that the fryer is equipped with. In this case, it is worth choosing a device which has anti-slip feet (especially if there are small children in the house), an automatic shut-off function and a handle made of a solid material, which is not heated, and whose task is to protect against possible burns while using the fryer. It is also good if the device has a non-heating casing made of solid, good quality materials.

Is it worth buying a greaseless fryer? The most important advantages

Among the most important advantages of using deep fat fryer is the possibility of preparing healthy and easily digestible dishes by yourself at home. It is an excellent solution for people who care about health, slim figure and fitness. It will be perfect when you follow a diet that limits fat intake and prevents atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

This type of device also allows you to maintain order in the kitchen, due to the small amount of fat used in the preparation of meals there is no need for lengthy and tedious cleaning of the device from fat or oil. Fat-free fryer can be a multifunctional device, will save time and is also a simple and easy to use device, so you should decide to purchase it for your home or apartment.

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