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Whooping cottontail - what is worth knowing about it?

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Whooping cottontail is nothing more than the name of a bird that primarily inhabits North America. It is not found in Poland, so most people do not know what this bird is at all. If we are interested in ornithology, it would be good to learn something about it. Perhaps, during some foreign trip, we will have the opportunity to see it with our own eyes? So it would be worthwhile to be aware of what it looks like and what kind of noises it makes.

Where does the spotted leopard occur?

As noted in the introduction, whooper lemmings are not found in Poland. Instead, they can be found in North American countries. However, its range of occurrence does not cover the entire continent, and it is worth being aware of this. The mentioned bird species can be found primarily in southeastern Canada. Whooping crawlers also inhabit the Eastern and central areas of the United States of America. It is worth noting that they winter in the southern US and even in Central America. Unfortunately, in 2018, spotted lemmings were recognized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature per species near threatened. Lelkovs are most often threatened by pesticides, as well as by outdoor cats. Unfortunately, the population of these unique birds is declining year by year. So it's hard to predict how the fate of whooper lemmings will turn out in the somewhat distant future. However, it is certainly worth the effort to protect these unique creatures.

What do lemmings look like?

Whooping crawlers are not birds that strongly distinguish themselves in external appearance from those of other species. They have feathers of color gray-brown, and their chin is colored black. A sizable whitish spot will be seen in the corners of the tail. The wingspan of spotted lemmings is about 48 centimeters. Body weight fluctuates within From 45 to as much as 65 grams. As for the body length of spotted lemmings, it usually does not exceed 25 centimeters.

Where do spotted lemmings nest?

Whooping crawlers They are particularly fond of deciduous forests and mixed forests. Interestingly, they are interested in such forests where the undergrowth is quite underdeveloped. As for nests, spotted lemmings do not build them. They lay their eggs directly on the ground. They are usually hidden in the leaves. The female usually lays one to two eggs. Young lemmings usually hatch after about 20 days. Interestingly, they master the art of flying after just 15 days. These birds usually bring out two broods during year.

What sounds do lemmings make?

The bird's name did not come from nowhere. The whooping cottontail makes quite distinctive and loud sounds. Males usually whistle beautifully, but also hiss and coo. These birds are sometimes referred to by some people as a "forest alarm clock". In fact, they can wake up residents with their loud singing if their homes are located near forests. Many people who have heard a woodlark sing say that it resembles a loud cat purr. In fact, one can get this impression. If we are curious about what specific sounds lelkowca make, let's listen to the files available on the Internet. There are actually quite a few of them. We can, of course, go to the countries of North America, but it is unlikely that no one does so just to listen to the singing of the spotted leopard. Nevertheless, if we are already in any of the countries of this continent, it is worth going for a forest walk.

What kind of lifestyle do lemmings have and what do they eat?

As mentioned above, whooping lemmings are found in deciduous forests or mixed forests. During the daytime, these unique birds can be found primarily resting in the trees. They usually choose high branches. Due to their grayish-brown coloration, it is difficult to spot a woodlark between the green leaves of trees. Nevertheless, patient observers may succeed. Binoculars will certainly be a big help. Observing birds with this accessory will certainly be more effective than observations with the so-called naked eye. Sometimes, however, it is possible to meet whooper lemmings on the ground. Interestingly, they rest on it not only when they are brooding their eggs and taking care of their chicks. Nevertheless, spotted lemmings are among the rather shy species. Nevertheless, due to their lifestyle, they can fall prey to predators. First of all, we are talking about the aforementioned cats. As for the food of leopards, they hunt for insects. It is worth noting that they do this especially at night.

Other names for the spotted lemming

If we consider ourselves lovers and experts in ornithology, it would also be good to know the Latin name of the spotted leopard. It reads Antrostomus vociferus. The full name is not always used to describe the lemming. Some people call these birds by the abbreviation funnels flashy. This medium-sized bird belongs to the lemming family. In turn, this one is referred to in Latin as the Caprimulgidae. It also includes other lemmings, such as the winter lemming and the white-tailed lemming.

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