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Vege dishes for a party - plant-based treats not only for vegetarians

Vege dishes for a party - plant-based treats not only for vegetarians

Vegetarian and vegan diets are growing in popularity. They often provide dietary variety for people who do not completely exclude meat from their daily menus. They allow you to broaden your culinary horizons and inspire you to explore new flavor combinations. Are you planning to organize a party at home? Do you want to take care of all invited guests? In the article we will suggest what vege snacks for the party you should prepare.

Quick vegetable snacks for a party

Will you be preparing vege dishes for the first time? Recipes for quick appetizers are extremely simple. One of the quickest ways to create an appetizer will be to make a vegetable fritters. Instead of traditional potatoes, you can use carrots, parsley, yams and zucchini for this purpose. Cut the vegetables into thicker bars, spread them on a baking tray lined with paper and season with salt, pepper and your favorite herbs. Spray the whole thing with oil and bake for about 40 minutes at 185 degrees. Remember to turn the vegetables over halfway through baking.

It is also worth preparing a vege dish from raw vegetables. Prepare your favorite vegetables and cut them into posts. Then serve them together with hummus made from chickpeas and tahini paste, which you will prepare with the help of blender. Optionally, you can prepare vegetarian spring rolls. Add avocado, carrots, bell peppers, onions and mung bean sprouts to them. They will go perfectly with the sweet and spicy chili sauce.

What kind of vege salad for a party?

Want to prepare tried-and-true vegan dishes for a party? Opt for healthy salads! Prepare kale, cherry tomatoes in different colors, onions and colored peppers. Garnish the whole thing with feta cheese and serve with your favorite dressing. You can prepare a classic dressing based on olive oil, lemon, honey and mustard. Complete the whole with salt, pepper and your favorite herbs.

An interesting alternative option to traditional salads may be the following carpaccio of roasted beets. Slice the vegetables, garnish with mâche and goat cheese and roasted nuts. Season the salad with a balsamic vinegar-based dressing, which will perfectly highlight the flavor of the beet. Would you like to prepare vege dishes for the grill? Opt for Indian-style fried vegetables with the addition of curry and coconut milk. It will be an interesting variety of classic meat dishes.

Quick hot vege dishes

When meeting with friends, there must also be no shortage of hot dishes. Do you have little time? Prepare vegan one-pot dish with tofu added. Pad thai with tofu is an excellent choice for lovers of Thai cuisine. To prepare the dish you will need natural tofu, onions, carrots, mushrooms and bell peppers. Prepare a sauce based on soy sauce and rice vinegar.

Vege dishes with pasta are a safe recipe for any vegetarian. Prepare gnocchi With aromatic tomato sauce, pesto and parmesan cheese. You can also reach for vege dishes with rice. A great idea might be mushroom risotto with a side of white wine. The vegetarian diet can not lack protein. For this reason, reach for vege lentil dishes. Lentils are a versatile product from which you can prepare pate, chops and mini burgers. It will also work well when making stews and salads.

The best vege dishes for a gathering with friends

Wondering what else to prepare? Choose vege zucchini dishes. Zucchini is perfect as a base for vegetarian mini pizzas. It can also be prepared as a pate and a white cheese roll. If you are looking for a quick idea to make zucchini, bet on combining it with tofu with the addition of soy sauce, garlic and your favorite blend of spices.

The party should not lack vege dessert z buckwheat and dates. Make the cream from coconut milk with mascarpone and vanilla flavoring. You can replace traditional sugar with dietary erythrol, creating a lighter version of sweetness. Decorate the whole thing with chocolate, nuts or your favorite fruit. A good idea will also be chia pudding with seasonal fruit, which you decorate with mint and basil leaves.

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