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Dacia Jogger - some important mentions

dacia jogger

Relevant data

The well-read are well aware of the fact that the Dacia Jogger is a Minivan four meters long and five hundred and forty-seven millimeters long, which has a five-door body and five meters of seating. This model can be powered by the 1.0 TCe engine, a turbocharged gasoline engine that achieves as much as 110 horsepower. It also means a lot that this engine is available in several varieties, meaning there are two more with factory LPG installations. One achieves one hundred horsepower, and the other one is those ten more. The palette of power units ends there, of course, with these options, although the model also features a trunk that reaches 708 liters of capacity, and when the rear seatbacks are folded down, the capacity rises to 1,819 liters. All in all, that's a lot, because you also need to remember that the Dacia Jogger is a family car, which is very good when it comes to maneuvering around a sizable crowded parking lot at the market. We are talking about the fact that for a vehicle with such a large trunk, it also has a modest turning radius, and during such maneuvering the engine burns not too much fuel. Therefore, this car is an ideal option for many, although an addition such as additional seating would significantly increase its functionality.

Location of the drive unit

People with this greater automotive knowledge are well aware of the fact that the Dacia Jogger has a transverse front-mounted engine. Specifically, we're talking about the fact that this three-cylinder gasoline engine with four valves per cylinder is a lightweight power unit, but that's not the only thing here. The most important thing is that it is mounted transversely, which means that the length of four and a half meters is slightly exceeded, the front of this vehicle is short, and the cabin is roomy enough for a family of five. It also means a lot that this car is available in many versions, although most of them are cheap ones, because buyers of this model care about cheapness and functionality at a very high level. That's why the overall length meets a certain standard, and the engine is located in a place counted among the optimal ones. In the case of this car there is unlikely to be outstanding dynamics, but in this particular case cheap operation, low fuel consumption, significant trunk capacity and exemplary maneuverability associated with limited space were important. These requirements are met by a small and light gasoline engine mounted transversely in front and driving the front axle.

Engine 1.0 TCe

For quite a few, the Dacia Jogger is, of course, a car counted among those with a tiny 1.0 TCe engine. In a nutshell, these are three cylinders in an in-line arrangement and four valves for each of these cylinders. A gasoline engine of this type with a compression ratio of ten to one achieves sixty to seventy horsepower, but in the case of the Jogger model it also has a turbocharger that cools the engine oil, and it is through this that it achieves a maximum of one hundred or one hundred and ten horsepower. Such higher horsepower is associated with the power output of the drive unit and with oil changes every 10,000 kilometers or a maximum of every 15,000 kilometers. This frequency is recommended by well-read mechanics, because with such care this engine will do the mileage of at least 300,000 kilometers, and this is crucial. And if the owner of such a car decides to change the oil every 30,000 kilometers, serious engine problems can start even before the mileage reaches 100,000 kilometers in some cases. This knowledge is also spread by blogs related to modern automobiles, which teach the operation of saturated engines.

Price parameter

People know quite well about the Dacia Jogger's low purchase price. In the basic version, it can be purchased very cheaply, but this basic version is, of course, a radio and air vent instead of air conditioning. In a word, any system counted as one of these extras raises the price, and of course people go for it, because they additionally want navigation or factory air conditioning. This increases these operating costs, of course, but they still remain quite low. The permanent downside of this car is, of course, that the dashboard and door sides, along with the upholstery, are cheap plastics and cheap upholstery fabrics. In part, these materials are quite durable, but also do not impress with their beauty. Precisely for this reason, the model is a car for the people that meets the essential criteria, rather than a stylistically appealing vehicle.

People's thinking

People who purchase a vehicle like the Dacia Jogger think in a very practical way, and more specifically, they want a car that's packable and easy to maneuver. Low fuel consumption is also one of the many advantages of each version of this model. The downside, on the other hand, is that the body design is not particularly appealing, and therefore people who value visual qualities highly will pay a higher price or the same for a used Minivan that is among those much more stylistically interesting, and not only in terms of the body. Other vehicles of this type can also be the more dynamic ones.

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